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OPENEYES – EMR for Ophthalmology

Anatomical Diagrams
National Cataract Audit
Surgeon Personal Audit

OpenEyes is a collaborative, open source project which has been developed with contributions from a range of hospitals, institutions, academic departments, companies and individuals. Using open source software means that there are no licence fees, so OpenEyes is a highly cost effective option for healthcare providers where budgets are often tight.

OpenEyes consolidates all the information relating to a patient from examination results to images, pathology to correspondence into one easily accessible record. OpenEyes provides fast entry of diagnosis and results as well as decision support, outcome analysis and easy to interpret summary views of the patient’s care.

Key Benefits:

  • reduce data entry and duplication to improve clinic efficiency

  • use a modern easy to use interface with visual workflow and drawing tools

  • visualise patient history and actions in a single view

  • effectively manage patient episodes, events, bookings, schedules and teams

  • generates and handles all correspondence

  • fully integrate with patient management and device systems

  • be fully compliant with RCOphth NOD cataract audit tool and submission

  • have ownership and access to all of your data

OpenEyes unifies data from systems, imaging machines and clinical input into nationally and internationally agreed data sets. These data sets define the different facets of each ophthalmic specialty and can then be used for tracking clinical outcomes, research and development and clinical audit. 

"We are very pleased to have been selected by the OpenEyes Foundation and the NHS England Code4Health program to enable delivery and support for OpenEyes. This is a very exciting time to be involved in the future of what is regarded as the best ophthalmology software solution"

– Jason Brown CEO, AB EHR Digital

For a demonstration of OpenEyes please contact us.

AB EHR Digital are proud to work closely with the OpenEYES Foundation and our customers to deliver OpenEYES EMR to the NHS. 

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