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OpenEyes Foundation

AB EHR Digital are proud to work closely with the OpenEYES Foundation and our customers to deliver OpenEYES EMR to the NHS. 

The OpenEYES™ Foundation is a not-for-profit charity set up to ensure that the future development of OpenEYES continues to meet the very highest clinical standards.

The OpenEYES Foundation oversees the development of OpenEYES. The core activities of the OpenEYES Foundation include:

  • Organisation of the OpenEYES community via charitable membership of the Foundation

  • Commissioning OpenEYES development for the wider community

  • Managing the OpenEYES public (GPL) and commercial licenses

  • Managing and protecting OpenEYES intellectual property

Continuing this development under the guidance of a charitable, not for profit body is an essential part of our collaborative, public service ethos. OpenEYES cannot, in itself, be sold to a third party ensuring that users have security and can influence development.

One of the most important roles of the Foundation is to commission a principal commercial supplier for OpenEYES. While OpenEYES can be downloaded and used without charge, integration in modern hospital environments requires technical support and maintenance to ensure compliance with good clinical practice. The current supplier for OpenEYES is AB EHR Digital, a company based in the UK and Australia with a strong commitment to Open Source solutions in healthcare. This does not exclude the supply of code or services from outside suppliers or individuals.

The Foundation is run by a board of trustees and organises meetings twice a year to bring together developers and users to guide the development of the OpenEYES roadmap.

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